mercredi 29 juillet 2009

Advice needed!

A quick poll as I need advice....

I'm wearing this dress from good old M+S (who'd have thought it?) to a wedding soon.

Can I get away with black tights at a summer wedding? I'm more comfortable in them and the weather is hardly summer-like at the moment, but I'm still wondering if it's ok.

Thoughts ladies, please!

(sorry for a link instead of a picture - work constraints..)

4 commentaires:

  1. It looks great with tights....If the weather is miserable I'd say it would look fine..if it's hot and sunny you may need to rethink! x

  2. I think black tights will be totally ok! x

  3. Of course its ok!! if its rainy youve dressed appropriately, if its sunny, youre making a statement! id say try and get some of the climate control ones that keep you cool when its hot and warm when its cool, primark have them so cheap! xx

  4. thank you ladies. Let's hope for rain..I'm assured by the French girls in my office it's considered good luck at weddings anyway

    @Tabitha - Primark here I come - thanks for that tip!