vendredi 24 avril 2009

Friday - In and Out

It's Friday so let's do this

Air-conditioned limos:
- being able to carry my beautiful Rebecca Minkoff bag every day this week without fearing rain ruining her
- andremo a Firenze la settimana prossima (my Italian is a little rusty...)
- having a daily street market right on my doorstep now we've moved
- no longer living above a noisy pub
- catching up on Gossip Girl and The Hills online

Crowded tube trains:
- Being broke
- having a freezer the size of a shoebox now we've moved. Enough space for icecube tray and peas (..and perhaps nail varnish, having read Hele's latest post..)!
- having to wait ages for Ikea to deliver
- needing to purge the contents of my wardrobe still further. Why amI so sentimental about clothes I no longer wear?

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