vendredi 17 avril 2009

Fake Baking

It's weird being back in London after the Easter break back home. I'm a country girl at heart and it always takes me a while to adjust back to city ways when I've been back home for a visit. However, weirdly, I seem to like extremes - as I said I'm a country girl, but I loved the ultra city-ness of New York...I just find myself uncomfortable and twitchy in the suburbs. We've just moved from a more quiet residential area back into Zone 1 again, near where I first lived when I moved to London. I'm finding I'm much happier being back in the thick of things. Plus I can walk everywhere which I love. Anything to avoid the tube.

I'm setting off today for the wedding this weekend that I'm bridesmaid-ing for. I haven't done the honours since I was 5, which was....let's say a very long time ago. I did a mad dash to Boots today realising that my glow-in-the-dark white legs might be in danger of stealing the bride's thunder, such is their luminous glow. I was after Sally Hansen airbrush legs spray which I used before, loved ten typically lost the can. So - I've had to pick up instead Rimmel's Sun Shimmer Instant Tan:

which I'm hoping will do the same thing - basically just take the edge off. I daren't risk something that doesn't wash off in case it all goes horribly streaky and wrong. Anybody used this one before?

4 commentaires:

  1. i haven't used this before (but rimmel is pretty good). i'd like to know how it turns out; my pale legs are not cute.

  2. Hey, I've used this before, I really like it, as you say it "just takes the edge off"! Be sure to allow your moisturiser to sink in well first and make sure you don't get rained on :)

  3. Hi, I haven't used the Rimmel Bronzer, but I totally know what you mean when you say you like being 'in the thick of things'. Back in Poland, I live with my parents basically in the country outside of Warsaw, but here in Vancouver we've chosen with my BF to live in downtown and I looove being able to walk everywhere; plus, to me, it's one of the most beautiful parts of the city. Yay for city life!

  4. I haven't used to but good luck! Have a blast!