mardi 1 septembre 2009

This time in 24 hours..

...I'll hopefully be browsing the duty free, about to hop on a flight to....

The difference between me and my boyfriend become evident at packing time. His rucksack is packed and propped by the front door. Mine open on the sitting room floor, surrounded by heaps of stuff and scribbled lists.

Let's be honest though, this lot + a bikini is really all I need

Sunnies, hat, books and sunsreen. I'm hoping this Piz Buin spray will be as good as my beloved Neutrogena ultra sheer sunblock spray which I discovered when we lived in New York. Supposedly its another clear one you just spray everywhere and don't have to rub in.

I can't decide whether to buy some more Estee Lauder Double Wear, this time in a better shade, or whether to branch out and try something by Bobbi Brown.....?

Any Bobbi fans here who can tell me what rocks?

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