dimanche 19 décembre 2010

Wedding planning so far

Bad bad blogger.

It would appear wedding planning takes up rather more time than anticipated.

I have already had that moment where I thought "Sod it! Let's just run away and get hitched, just us two". Not because anyone's putting demands on us or trying to take control, but simply because the idea of being the centre of attention is really freaking me out. I guess it's something all brides have to get used to.

So - let's focus on what I have achieved so far...

1. We've booked the church, and my godfather is going to marry us.
2. We've booked the organist and choir (again, all close friends)
3. I've bought the bridesmaid's dresses
4. I've bought MY DRESS!!!!!
5. I've designed, had printed and sent out Save The Date cards
6. We've booked the reception

Yet to do, and worrying me slightly
1. Music
2. Hair and makeup
3. Shoes and head....veil? Headpiece?
4. Flowers

On we go. My last Christmas as a Miss is just around the corner..

3 commentaires:

  1. Eeeek! So exciting! We need more details, especially re. THE dress?? xxx

  2. Good luck with the planning, hun! Is there a chance to see your dress some day? x

  3. I don't know when the wedding is, but you've made GREAT progress so far! I do know that all the "little" details towards the end take up more time and effort than you think/plan for, so keep that in mind and try to remember to breathe. I would try Etsy for headpiece/veil inspirations. Bon chance!