dimanche 10 octobre 2010

Dress heaven

I can't and won't spend a fortune on a wedding dress - I'm not sure even if I had thousands at my disposal I could bring myself to, but today I saw my first desirable big bucks frock.

99% of the other wedding dresses I've seen so far have left me cold, but today I stumbled across Alice Temperley's wedding dresses, or rather 'Temperley London' ones which are right up my street.

Behold - the Jean dress

image courtesy of this site

Potential dream dress alert!

I love slinky and retro looking. My ring is antique and I would love a similarly old looking dress to match.

The Mrs among you - what style was your dress? The Misses - what would you wear?

1 commentaire:

  1. Mine was empire waist with embroidered overlay from the bust down... Quite Napoleon-era looking, which went well with the venue we chose. This one however is gorgeous! xxx